Digital Literacy

Program Overview

Digital Literacy is a program of Literacy Rochester that teaches adults basic computer skills.

Trained volunteers assist individuals with operating devices, navigating the internet, and using software. The customer decides what he or she needs help with.

Customers get help with many different tasks, commonly including how to:

Operate Devices:

  • Use a desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone
  • Upload a document to email or a USB drive

Use Software:

  • Work on Google Docs, Microsoft Word
  • Create a resume or cover letter

Navigate the Internet:

  • Search for jobs / complete job applications
  • Access online resources
  • Find a bus route
  • Locate community agencies or services
  • Set up a profile / complete online forms
  • Connect to friends and family
  • Create and access an email account
  • Open a savings or checking account
  • Submit healthcare forms / access a patient portal
  • Obtain school information / apply for student loans
  • Recover a password
  • And more!
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Our program is intended for adults; however, we will work with individuals who are at least 16 years old.

To receive help, simply stop into a location when a Digital Literacy volunteer is scheduled to be there, head to the computer lab, and ask for what you need help with.

Digital Divide (n): the economic, educational, and social inequalities between those who have computers and online access and those who do not.

While smartphones are prevalent, they cannot perform all of the tasks that desktops or laptops can.

Lack of computers in homes or easy access to the internet has serious economic and social consequences. Without a computer and internet access, computer skills become much harder to acquire, and access to invaluable information, jobs and services is severely constricted.

Our Purpose

In 2013, Literacy Rochester created the Digital Literacy program.

We envision a community where everyone can readily acquire digital skills, and easily access technology and the internet.

Our mission is to narrow the digital divide by providing individuals with access to free computer help.